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Sunday, September 25, 2022

If you ended up on this page, it's certain that you received an email from us or saw an advertisement online. Now, it is my pleasure to take this opportunity to personally invite you to take a closer look at Mind the Russians.

During the last months, there has been a particularly strong hunger for industry news from Russia. We truly believe that private businesses and consumer markets deserve development under any geopolitical circumstances. That's why we sincerely support the aim of Russian furniture enterprises to withstand challenging economic conditions, as well as to expand to some new yet promising international markets abroad.

We also appreciate the efforts of foreign companies and their Russian subsidiaries that continue operation in Russia or, at least, look for a possibility to resume it as soon as possible. We stand with the idea that industries and businesses focused on making people's life better, deserve support and promotion anytime.

Since 2018, we have been working in Russia as a research and marketing enterprise specialized in the furniture & furnishing industry. Recently, we have transformed our website into a media platform bringing a comprehensive analysis of the Russian furniture market and country's macroeconomy to the attention of a global business audience, in English.

In fact, the Russian furniture industry has never had any media platform actively promoting this sector in the international field in a consolidated manner. For many years, the global furniture market experienced information hunger about the prospects and opportunities of the Russian industry, while Russian export and import operators have been paving their ways to their foreign customers all on their own. From now on, we've got this media, too.


INDUSTRY PULSE | Currently, we monitor as many as 114 indicators affecting and reflecting the situation of the Russian furniture industry, market potential and consumption, trends in production and sales, as well as macroeconomic background. We also make an in-depth analysis of imports and exports trade flows.

You are welcome to interact with our matrix of indicators being monitored and updated on a monthly, quarterly or annually basis. This section of the website is also of the highest interest to the Russian business audience, since there's a lack of easily accessible market data within the country, too.

KEY INDICATORS | Each month, we combine all the most important furniture production and trade indicators on one slide only. This is to facilitate the presentation and perception of a large volume of constantly changing data.

SANCTIONS CONTEXT | We monitor the news flow on challenges that Russian economy faces due to international sanctions, with special attention to what concerns manufacturing industries, transport and logistics, building sector, bank lending, developed solutions to support business, effectiveness of the regulatory measures taken along the way, as well as activity of large foreign furniture & interior brands within the country. Briefly, essentially, live.

SHOWTIME | Cheering the return of trade fairs to the business calendar after the challenging time of the pandemic, in a separate section we publish all latest updates from various international furniture exhibitions. Areas covered include destinations at which Russian furniture companies have been actively working before, as well as new, yet undeveloped by the Russian furniture companies, but quite promising markets of the world.


With quite a small, yet well experienced and professional team, we aim to contribute to maintaining global business ties across the borders under the extremely difficult conditions of today.

We'd be glad to have you aboard, among the regular audience of mind-the-russians.com!


Artem V. Vasiliev

founder & editor-in-chief of MIND THE RUSSIANS