Who are the people behind this service?

We are the group of professionals well experienced in industry media, internet marketing, and exhibition business in Russia. After years of managing our own contacts in various industries, we are open to serve your communication needs at our best.

What is exactly the service you are providing?

The service we provide is an electronic mailing to the unique contact databases of specific industries and markets in Russia (specialized in furniture & interior market). We never sell our contact databases to anyone.

What are the sources of those contact databases?

Contacts originate from business negotiations, industry media, working at trade fairs, and other business activities. None of our uniquely compiled databases could be found for purchase anywhere, neither online nor offline.

How are you doing this?

We provide this service in the way we would like to receive it ourselves. Unlike many other operators, we always keep our databases clean and up-to-date. For our customers, we ensure smooth mailing and maximum deliverability, because we know exactly at what time the recipients across vast Russia (11 time zones!) read and react to business email at their best.

What types of products and services could be advertised with you?

We are really aware of our reputation as a responsible business connector in the industries that we work in. To maintain the loyalty of our recipients – market participants, we only distribute offers that are absolutely relevant to the sphere of professional interests of the recipients, and never spam them with inappropriate content.

Are the messages being sent under the client's name?

All the messages are being sent out from our email addresses. Meanwhile, according to the current Russian legislation, the message itself must include correct information about the organisation that ordered and authorized distribution of email content (i.e. your company name with your contact details). We put this information into the message footer.

Who creates the email layout?

It's up to you, whether you choose to provide us with a ready-made html-letter, or you may just send us your raw text with images to take advantage of our assistance with your layout. Our team is always ready to advise a better way of presenting content to your target audience, to increase the motivational power of your message. The layout assistance is a complimentary service provided to our clients on demand.

Should the letter be in Russian?

Indeed, your advertising message, which is targeting Russian business people, needs to be in the Russian language, to work efficiently. But, no worries if you don't have a Russian text for your html-letter: English to Russian translation is another service complimentary provided to our clients, as soon as you need it for your campaign with us. And most importantly we always advise on how to better adapt your content to be perceived by the Russian-speaking audience, to improve the impact of your message.

What about the anti-spam legislation?

For direct mail, we only use our own databases compiled for the needs of a particular market. Therefore, as long as the content of your message corresponds with the profile of the database chosen (i.e. your offer is potentially useful for the needs of recipients' business), you can be sure that this sending is under the law. In disputed cases, we, as senders, are fully responsible for any delivery made to our recipients. Therefore, we only work with reliable, trusted customers, and we carefully verify the relevance of the content prior to distribution. If any of our recipients doesn't want to receive messages from us anymore, we immediately remove his/her email address from our database upon their request.

How often can we send?

A number of regular customers are using our services throughout the year, so we must also take care of their business image when expanding our own clients' portfolio. To avoid annoying recipients in a specific industry by persistent emails, we strongly recommend ordering mailings of each specific offer no more than 1 time per month, and no more than 6 times a year.

What is your price policy?

We do our best to make our pricing transparent, competitive and promising for any marketer who works on promotion of a particular event, service, or product. We provide welcome discounts for our new clients, as well as volume discounts for those who order more than one e-blast at once; and we also provide the industry averages for openings and clicks, so that you can estimate your expected CPR and CPC even before placing the order.

What are the payment options?

We issue a simple invoice to your company name; the invoice can be paid by the bank transfer. We bill in EUR, USD, or RUB, in whichever currency is more convenient to you. We can also bill through Payoneer, if you use this system for your business finances. The invoice will be issued by the Russian private entrepreneurship / sole proprietorship company.

Do you provide a report?

Sure, we always send a report to the client, usually within a week after the campaign is finished (to track all the recipients who will open the message within a week). Having clear statistics of how the audience perceived your message, allows you to easily calculate the cost of each single impression or click (as well as conversion on your side), to report on the effectiveness of your promotion.

Are the results guaranteed?

Although we cannot force recipients to use the offer that you advertise, we guarantee that your message will be sent to the highly actualised contact database in the sphere of your market activity, with all our efforts to maximize email deliverability. And yes – we guarantee that opening & click rates of your campaign with us will be higher than an average industry standard!

How can I control the results?

We will add UTM variables to the links within your message, so your team could easily track all the traffic received from this mailing campaign to your website. We also encourage our clients to remarket the Russian audience attracted by your campaign here, with your further marketing activities and offers online (for example, by Facebook Ads or Google Ads).

Cheering for Your Success!