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That is the new Pure trade fair focus

16-21 Jan 2023 • imm cologne

imm cologne 2023 will present itself in a new, modern layout in terms of content and structure. Pure will be enriched by further highlights with the new Hall 1, Pure Galleries and the SPOTS.

imm cologne is being conceptually reoriented. In order to realize the vision for the future of a platform for future solutions characterised equally by Thought Leadership and Business-Enabling, imm cologne is also being given a new structure and hall layouts. The structural diversity necessary for the concept is already reflected for the event in January 2023 in a new layout: thus, the classic theme world Pure Atmospheres will therefore depart from Hall 11 and move into the new Hall 1, as well as the neighbouring areas (4.2 und 5.2), which will then function as a bridge to the boulevard. Pure Editions will remain at its traditional place (Halls 2.2 and 3.2).

Success formats in the mix with new content formats
Pure Editions is the dynamic, compact format for on-trend premium brands with visionary furniture and interior design concepts. The focus is on the conceptual presentation of innovative designs, collections, materials and applications. The atmospheric gallery feel and the open trade fair architecture offer international exhibitors an extraordinary platform with tremendous creative scope – for example, for design showcases that make a statement. Pure Atmospheres stands for the cultivated presentation of holistic interior concepts and inspiring collections by major brands. The atmospheric installations give state-of-the-art ideas the platform they deserve. Premium exhibitors present their distinctive design worlds in the form of individual, stylistically assured interior creations. They can fully express their unique idea of interior culture, their personal signature and their interpretation of sophisticated design here. Pure Atmospheres transforms interior design into holistic, exclusive interior experiences.

New: SPOTS and Pure Galleries – formats for thematic presentations and brand spaces
“Pure Galleries” is a new, high-quality presentation format for minimalistic, personalised brand spaces. Inspired by the appearance of the art fairs, The Galleries offers the exhibiting companies another compact, creative alternative for presentation, in which the brand identity, visions and current products can be presented and communicated exclusively. The SPOTS are a format for creative involvement with selected themes and respectively address the question of how we want to live in the future. For imm cologne 2023, several trend-oriented SPOT areas of focus are already being set up in the Textile, Light, Art and Smart Living sections. The selected participants of the Pure Talents Contest will also use the new SPOT format: the recognised prize for young design is celebrating its 20th anniversary at imm cologne 2023, and will thus present itself with a completely novel appearance.

New trade fair layout with Pure in the west and Home in the east
On the whole, imm cologne will more clearly define itself by and focus on its role as the international platform for content and business with the restart in January 2023. To this purpose, the two areas of focus of the trade fair, Pure and Home, will be more clearly differentiated in terms of content according to content and business formats; at the same time, more intensified exchange between the two areas of focus will be promoted through a new location positioning.

The Home Scenes theme world will move into the spacious, 3-storey Hall 11, thus shifting all the way to the south and, together with Hall 10.2 and the halls (Hall 10.1 and Halls 6, 4.1, 5.1) containing Home Sleep (Hall 9 and 10.1) and Home Settings, primarily taking place in the eastern area of the trade fair – separate, but at the same time linked by the north-south axis of the boulevard. New event formats like the community hubs are the new highlights in the Home halls. In the north, the theme worlds revolving around kitchen, cooking and enjoyment connect with this in the LivingKitchen year 2023 (Halls 7 and 8).

With the new layout planning, the halls will be designed to be more compact, diverse and fresher as a result. This means, among other things, that there will be more of a mixture of smaller, medium-sized and larger stands than otherwise. In this context, offerings for networking or inspiration will be incorporated in keeping with the business or content focus of the halls. The Pure focus of the trade fair will thus once again become the top event for interior design at imm colgne 2023.

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